Endangered Species

Hundreds of years ago, people prized the narwhal's spiraling
 tusk, because they believed that it had magical powers. Today,
 people value the tusks for their ivory, and hunters still kill thou-
sands of narwhals each year, which places them at the edge of
being endangered. U.S. Federal Law has outlawed imports of
whale products since l972 to protect narwhals and other species.

This piece was based on a diorama at the Chicago Field Mu-
seum (lower level lunchroom area).  While this artist was sketch-
ing, a visitor came into the lunchroom, bought a can of pop and
sat at a nearby table to drink it.  His image was reflected in the
glass of the diorama and became part of the picture's theme.

Today, we realize that humans are not the top of nature's pyramid.
Every drop of water, every leaf and life form has something to
teach us.  Native America understood this.  Perhaps, it is not yet
too late to learn.

                           ( Colored Pencil 22" x 28")