Southwest Mysteries

This piece grew out of several visits to the Southwest which
included the Hopi Reservation, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde,
 several Pueblos and various sacred sites.

Some symbols in this work are from the Hopi people: Corn,
 Tlaloc the Rain God and the Snake. Two snakes represent
 the two rivers that marked the boundaries of the people's land
 the Colorado and the Rio Grande. Other symbols, such as 
Kokopelli, the flute player, the cosmos and the bison are com-
mon to many pueblo peoples.

Virtually all native peoples across North America believed 
in animals as persons with whom humans could establish
relationships. Animals could and did communicate with
 humans and were not seen as subordinate beings to be
 used solely for human service. Prayer and reverence
were as necessary to the hunt, which was undertaken
 for survival needs, as were the bow and arrow or the gun.

         (Watercolor/ Ink on Papyrus 18" x 24")