The Storyteller
"The Story Teller"
Acrylic/Pastel 11 x 14"

To walk or hike the trails at the Grand Canyon
 is to experience millions and millions of years
 of Earth time. 

 And, somehow, at the end of our trail hike,
we become deeply aware
in this deeply carved out rock, 
Creation stories are everywhere.


*Inyan ~ Stone

"I am the bones of the material world.
I move in such slow rhythm, that I
appear to you as stillness.
I am the strength upon which you walk.
You may call to me to speak to you
of my ancient tales
of life on this planet,
for I have been here 
throughout Creation..."

~ Sioux Spiritual Teaching

*Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards, #4 (Destiny Books, 1994)