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This piece was begun with contour drawings of a live model.
 In contour drawing, the artist looks at the subject and fol-
lows its shape with mostly one continuous line, glancing
only slightly at the paper while drawing. The image can
 later be revised as was done here.

After the initial sketch, the faces of both the man and
 the woman, as well as their hands, were changed slightly.
The material from the knees down, for both figures, was 
added to match the pattern in the jacket that the model
was wearing. The finished composition was then trans
ferred to 140 lb. watercolor paper for painting.

This image attempts to show that relationships between 
people are often complex, symbolized by the contour
 line, and that "afterthoughts" are common, whether the
 encounter has been intentional or by chance. 

              (graphite wash/acrylic 20" x 24")