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​                     Relationships: The Mystery
              (graphite wash/acrylic/ink 20" x 24")

Relationships are a vital part of our daily life.  They vary from
time to time, and from place to place, throughout the many
stages of our lives.  Some are very meaningful, and leave
"footprints in our heart."  Others simply wave on through.
All of them leave a mark on us.

The contour line, which overlaps in some areas, and flows
freely as a single line in others, can create the look of the
complex.  It was used here to illustrate the many turns in
life that shape most relationships.

Both figures in this image were drawn from a live model, who
was wearing a jacket that had a very rhythmic pattern.  Later, the rest of the clothing, as well as the shoes, were painted in, to create the look for both figures that was similar
and yet different for each.