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Relationships: The Mystery
Graphite Wash/ acrylic 20"x24"
Light from Light
Watercolor/ Pastel  18"x24"
Pillars of Strength
Watercolor/ Pastel 11"x 15"
Path of the Ancestors
Watercolor/ Pastel 14"x 20"
Earth Reborn
Watercolor/ Pastel  11"x16"
The Child in Harmony with Mother Earth
Watercolor/ Pastel 12"x 15"
Inner Moon
Watercolor/ Pastel  20"x 24"
Watercolor/ Pastel 11"x 17"
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The Inheritance
Watercolor/ Pastel 24"x 30"
The Phoenix and the Rose
Gouache / Pastel 22 x 28"
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Waiting for Tomorrow
Karlene Mostek pastel 18" x 24"