Earth Reborn

This piece grew out of the experience of being at a retreat
 center about 20 miles north of Juneau, Alaska in the month
of August, 2005. The salmon were just beginning their run and wild-
life was abundant. The beauty of a setting sun on the horizon line
of the sea and the look of an Earth that seemed to stretch to infinity
touched us often in those evenings. It shared with us, a few 
moments of quiet mystery as we watched the dwindling light
settle into darkness and ancient stars become visible 
in the night sky.

For thousands and thousands of years, our Earth  has "birthed" myriad forms of life, and struggles yet to do so.  In the midst of a growing voiceless extinction, we are at last realizing, at the grass-
roots level, that we have a need to "partner" with the Earth in rela-
tionships of mutual care and respect.  

Indigenous peoples understand this.  Let us listen and learn.

                                 (Watercolor 11" x 16")
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