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This drawing of mother and child was based on several news
 stories and photos of the Katrina catastrophe in New Orleans, 
LA in 2005. Women who were pregnant and delivered children
during this time had to struggle not only to keep up their own
 hopes but to comfort their tiny children with the only security
they could offer at the time - tenderness and love.

From the grassroots level of a shocked nation, quickly came
 many donations of water, food, clothing and labor to help the

Months later, marine biologists related that had the size
of the wetlands been maintained along the Louisiana
coastline, flooding would have been dramatically reduced,
 since wetlands are nature's way of absorbing strong winds
 and tidal forces. They also collect and hold flood waters.
 Much of the wetlands were drained to make way for oil 
drilling platforms. The levees that replaced the wetlands
 broke apart under the force of the water.

                      (Watercolor/pastel 16" x 20")