Light from Light
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This piece is an attempt to image "first beings" and was based on several "practice" drawings done in one morning session with two live models. I chose two of the drawings to develop into a composition and added the background and interior of the figures later. The entire composition was then transferred to 140 lb. watercolor paper for painting.

The sky object in this piece is a ring galaxy, one of dozens that have been discovered within the billions of galaxies that exist throughout the universe. We know, today, that some star fossils in these galaxies have existed from the origins of the universe. All life forms on earth, are believed to be rooted in the light from these ancient star materials.

The figures in this scene represent primordial beings, who have an outer appearance connecting them to all of their kind, and a special inner pattern as well, that only time will unfold. The light, for which each figure reaches, symbolizes the individual struggle to receive what is needed for life.

(Watercolor/pastel 18" x 24")