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Earth Action
Over the space of twenty years, I have witnessed in some way, all the images that are painted in Wild Places on the GAIA site.  Study trips to 26 of our national parks, led by geologists, archeologists, marine biologists, park rangers, helped me to discover not only beauty, but many eco/relationships that support life as we know it on our planet. Powerful forces, however, are negatively challenging the myriad forms of life that exist on every level in our national parks, on public lands, in our local communities, and in the vastness of the ocean itself.

For those who want to learn more, and become a voice for the voiceless, viewers visiting GAIA: The Sacred Seed, might consider the following organizations as educational sources for examining current Earth issues. Many other very worthy environmental groups do good work as well. It is viewer's choice. To learn more, please click on either or both sites listed below:

  Spirit of the Wolf (pastel)  
EARTHJUSTICE – Founded in l971, Earthjustice is a non-profit environmental law organization that works through the courts to protect the Earth. Currently they have over 300 cases on their dockets filed in various courts around the country. These cases are filed to protect wildlife, civil rights violations and anti-environmental riders in federal budget bills. TAKING ACTION is simple. The letter is already written by Earthjustice, but can be easily revised to express personal concerns for an issue. To learn more about issues that currently need "voices" from the public, click: earthjustice.org
OCEAN CONSERVANCY – Founded in l972, Ocean Conservancy is a non-profit environmental organization that studies, protects and takes action to defend marine life of every kind, as well as the people whose lives and work depend on a healthy ocean. TAKING ACTION is as easy at Ocean Conservancy as it is at Earthjustice. To learn more about their work, click oceanconservancy.org

Glacier Sunset (watercolor/pastel)
Moon Rise Over Lake Michigan (watercolor)