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Haiku and Art
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HAIKU ~ This traditional Japanese form  attempts to capture a feel or a mood in nature.  Usually, two images are caught: one that expresses the outer scene and the other expresses the inner feeling of the writer.

The seventeen syllable count in the Japanese form, doesn't often work well in English, because the structures of the two languages are so different.  Some translators suggest that about twelve syllables of English are a rough equivalent to the seventeen in Japanese.  Others suggest that eight to twelve words are a good start for English writers.

We all have memories of special moments in life that seem to have a kind of timelessness to them. This is what Haiku tries to express.
Coming out of the mist
~we finally understand~
Let go ~ and Fly
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Green leaves breaking through
grey winter days
surprise us ~
We smile.
High over the Earth
~ flying freely ~ 
Home is everywhere
Tears unseen
~ fall softly ~
Deep roots are watered