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Karlene's  News Page
THE ROSE: Inviting Wisdom into our lives and churches.

The ROSE is a wonderful little magazine published by the Episcopal Church that emphasizes dream work based on Carl Jung.  It is published twice a year, freely, but donations are welcome.

Their Winter/Spring 2013 issue used two images from GAIA: the Sacred Seed: "The Birth of Jesus Christ" and "The Gift."

The ROSE at Emmanuel Church
498 Prince Avenue
Athens, GA 30601

Back issues may be seen at Seedwork

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                                                       Coming Events ~ 2018

   1. ALDERMAN'S OFFICE,   48th WARD, 5533 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL. 
              Title of Exhibit: "Before All Life On Earth, There Was Water."  
                      16 prints of KM's original watercolor/pastel paintings. 
​                                         Sept.18 - Dec.30, 2018

​    2.  BETHANY RETIREMENT HOME  - 4950 N. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60640
                               Exhibit  May 11, 2018  to August 10, 2018
"Wild and Free" 21" x 26" (watercolor/pastel) ild
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"Before All Life On Earth There Was Water."